Today most players bet in bookmakers over the Internet and it is very easy to do this today. Bet events include a wide variety of popular sports: football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, golf, boxing and more.

The availability of analytical, statistical, related and other information, on the one hand, gives users certain advantages, but on the other hand, almost all factors that can and should be taken into account, the bookmaker takes into account and sets the odds.

The advantage of a bookmaker over an ordinary player is obvious: the offices employ qualified analysts who use expensive software and clear mathematical calculations. The bookmaker receives his profit regardless of the outcome of the competition: this is determined by the very mechanism of making bets. What is left for the player? It remains for him to choose, analyse, think and make bets strictly in accordance with his strategy and tactics.

It is important not only to find the necessary information on the Internet, but also to be able to use it. Currently, it is possible to earn income even from blogs, Twitter, pages in social networks of athletes, especially those performing in individual sports.

To make money on sports betting, it is not enough to periodically guess the results of matches. It is necessary to constantly develop your abilities (both analytical and gaming) and follow the advice of professional handicappers.

Each successful player has his own rules for earning money, but some points can be noted, with which almost all professional players of bookmakers agree:

  • Correct choice of bookmaker. A reliable online playground is half the battle. Serious players have accounts in several offices, do not tend to limit limits and block successful players. And here we will again mention 1xtsvak as one of the best and most interesting examples of online betting sites!
  • Correct financial management. Even very successful forecasts will not bring profit if you do not know how to manage your finances rationally;
  • Psychology of the player. This is the most important point: it is impossible to achieve constant profit on the distance without emotional stability. Experienced players know that any losing streak ends as well as a winning streak, so they stay calm in both cases.
  • On specialized sites, you can find numerous reviews of players of their successful and profitable game. Of course, you should not believe all the reviews unconditionally, but a significant part of such stories are real. And if it worked for someone else, why not make betting your regular income.

Today, earning money from sports betting has become a full-fledged business for many people in Nigeria. Turn your favourite business into an income so that you never have to work again. On the Internet, there are various courses and methods for making money from betting. Some of them are not worth a single naira and some help to enrich your experience.

The bulk of modern gamblers make bets from a computer or phone. It is convenient, safe and allows you to choose the most advantageous offer in terms of coefficients, having studied the lines of several bookmakers at once. At the same time, the bet is made instantly, and the time factor when playing “live” (directly during the event) plays the most important role.

To make a successful bet online, you need to remember the following:

  1. Competent choice of the bookmaker. It is extremely important to choose a reliable bookmaker with an impeccable reputation and long experience;
  2. Choose the best coefficient. Coefficients are a non-constant value. They begin to change as soon as the office sets the daily line. Changes in coefficients depend on cash flows, analytical calculations of bookmakers and other factors. If you bet on the favourite, it is better to do it as early as possible, before the odds have fallen. But the “kef” for an outsider (underdog) has a habit of growing slightly before the start of the event.
  3. Where to bet on sports online – a review of TOP-3 bookmakers. Today, there are a large number of interesting offices in Nigeria, but among the most popular it should be noted:


Is Nigeria’s most innovative bookmaker, with high player traffic and a wide selection of markets. Bet9ja offers a wide range of sports betting features and the mobile app works smoothly.


Customers can easily access the Betwinner website and mobile app, with a diverse catalog of markets. For new players, the company gives generous bonuses, such as a welcome bonus, system of bonuses, cashbacks, promotions and accumulative payments for regular customers.


Is a company with competitive advantages in Nigeria among average bookmakers: legal, safe and quality service; customer support at the highest level; wide selection of bets, high coefficients. One of the most popular categories at 22Bet is betting on sports.