Cybersports, or electronic sports, is an activity that allows you to bet on professional-level video games over the Internet. In many respects, the rules of eSports are similar to the rules of traditional sports. The main source of betting is online tournaments where real people play. These tournaments may be related to contests, social events, money bets or fantasy bets.

Esports has developed rapidly over the years. Starting in 2019, quarantine measures were introduced, as well as Covid-19 protocols, according to which people were forbidden to go outside. This has increased the popularity of eSports among viewers and players. Many regular sporting events have been canceled or postponed due to the quarantine. This reduced the possibilities for sports betting. However, eSports has provided more options for online betting and virtual betting. This has helped to keep this industry alive.

Some players believe that virtual betting and eSports are one and the same. Virtual betting and eSports are two different types of gambling that have their own characteristics. One of them is the duration of the event, which determines the time when bets can be placed. Virtual bets usually last less than eSports bets. Another difference is who is involved in the game. Esports are played by professional online gamers who have their own skills and strategies, while in virtual games the outcome depends on a random number generator.

Technology has made communication between people more exciting and convenient. Today, players can play online through consoles and computers in real time, whether they are professionals or beginners. Bookmakers take into account the level of players to generate a pair with a professional and a beginner, this ensures fair betting.

Money is the motivation for professional eSports players, but they cannot be sure of their bets, even if the bookies promise safety, because other factors come into play. Sometimes technological issues like a bad internet connection can ruin their plans and lead to a loss of trust, exiting the game or the system, automatically canceling the match.

To bet on eSports, you should consider the following markets:

  • Types of eSports games;
  • Cybersports tournaments and leagues;
  • Cybersports teams and players.

If you want to make money from eSports, you need to be well versed in this field. Do not place bets randomly or under the influence of emotions, as this can lead to loss of money. Instead, study eSports information, analyze statistics and team strategies. So you can make reasonable and winning bets. For this, we advise you to review articles about eSports.

Popular eSports games:

  • Battlefields;
  • A sense of duty;
  • Counter-strike global offensive;
  • Dota 2;
  • FIFA football;
  • League of Legends.

Other games include Halo, Hearthstone: heroes of Warcraft, heroes of storm, over watch, PUBG, rocket league, smite, starcraft II, street fighter, super smash Bros and World tanks.

Esports championship games

This betting market is the best, because all the participants are professional players who have the goal of winning the championship title at the individual and team levels.

  • Dota 2 International Championship;
  • Call of Duty Championship;
  • Evolution Championship Series;
  • Games in the higher league;
  • Halo World Championship;
  • League of Legends World Championship;
  • World electronic sports games

Betting on eSports for beginners:

  1. Betting on real money;
  2. Betting on skins;
  3. Bets on social networks;
  4. Betting on fantasy;
  5. Challenge bets.

As in traditional betting, we bet real money on the odds. In addition, we can select the winners of individual matches or the entire tournament on markets that are related to each other. Another popular type of betting is famous item betting. These are bets made between fans of the game on special sites where you can exchange items or currency.

Online gamers who love excitement can bid on items through the auction. This means that two real players agree on a certain outcome of the game and exchange their things. This is called social betting. But this type of betting is not recommended for beginners, because often conflicts arise between friends when someone loses and does not want to give his promises.

The peculiarity of this type of betting is that you do not choose a technical bet, but imagine the situation itself. This means that challenge bets are head-to-head bets where players compete for real money by creating their own competitions and the winner takes the prize. There are also organized tournaments where you can take part in various challenges with cash prizes for the best.

Esports betting tips and strategies

If you want to bet on eSports, you not only need to know about the games, but also how to bet correctly and win. For this, you have to study and develop your strategies that will be effective and proven. Without a good strategy, you risk losing. We have prepared for you some tips that will help you increase your chances of success:

  • Understanding coefficients and calculating payouts.
  • Management of bet amount and bankroll.
  • Find the value in the coefficients.
  • Save previous results for further analysis.
  • Comparison of coefficients and types of bets on the line.

The odds show how much you will earn if you win the bet. Different bookmakers offer different odds, so you need to choose the best bet to get the maximum pay out. To increase your chances of success, you should analyze the data about the markets and understand how the odds are formed. The pay-out is the difference between your bankroll profit and loss, which is the amount of money you spend on bets.

If you are just starting to engage in betting, then you should not rush ahead. It makes no sense to risk large sums and hope for a lucky chance. First, choose the optimal bet amount for a certain event or match. Do not ignore the value of the odds, because they indicate the difference between winning and losing. More reliable coefficients do not always mean profit, because they have low pay outs in unexplored markets.

To make your betting game more rational, we advise you to keep accurate records where you can see your losing and winning bets, this will facilitate the process of analysis and optimization. Expand your knowledge of online markets and eSports betting, this will help you find the best odds on similar events from different bookmakers, comparing them to find value. Make different types of bets and increase your chances of winning.


  1. It is very important that the betting site is compatible with different digital devices such as smartphones or tablets. Many eSports fans like to bet on the go. The web version of the gambling site should automatically adapt to any screen size. The real advantage is that the site has apps for Android or iOS. Thus, bettors can use phones or tablets to place bets at any time.
  2. Excellent customer support is another important criterion when choosing an eSports betting platform. It should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through several communication channels, such as hotline, email and chat. The customer support service should be available in several languages, which is a sign of the high professionalism of the bookmaker. Before starting your adventure in the bookmaker office, do not forget to evaluate the quality of the customer support service.
  3. Explore the bonuses and promotions offered by the bookmaker. There are various incentives that you can get by betting. For example, you can get a welcome bonus in the form of free funds when you sign up and make your first deposit. Another type of bonus is a 100% deposit bonus. You can also get a bonus for attracting a friend, if the person registers on the bookmaker’s website based on your recommendation. The bookmaker can also provide numerous VIP programs to encourage their loyal players. Follow the latest information from the bookmaker you are registered with so you don’t miss any promotional campaign.
  4. Before placing a bet, study the statistics of the players participating in the selected event. Find out about teams’ past performances, compare their rankings and follow the latest news. This information is available to anyone on the internet, so don’t skip this step when preparing to bet on a match.
  5. Calculate the risk and deposit accordingly. Always calculate the risks when playing for real money and placing bets. Don’t make irrational decisions if you lose. You need to be sure that you don’t exceed your bankroll by placing bets that you can’t afford.
  6. Betting options. The best bookmakers provide a wide range of bets to choose from. You can make a prediction long before the tournament starts and get more profit thanks to higher odds. Or you can place a bet while watching the match live. Check out some of the most popular bet types below and choose the one that suits you best.
  7. The probability of the outcome of a sporting event is represented by betting odds. You can determine the amount of winnings by multiplying the odds by the amount you spent on the bet. Bookmakers use different types of odds such as fractional, American and decimal odds.

Betting knowledge, the ability to control your emotions and discipline, even what kind of personality you are has an impact on your eSports victory. If you want to succeed in eSports, you need to develop your skills, know the specifics of betting, be able to manage your emotions and follow the rules. You should also have an effective bidding strategy. All of this affects the results, but you may also need a bit of luck. Choose the eSports markets that interest you and bet smart.